Tests Thomas Test Strategy of behavior in a conflict situation

Thomas Test Strategy of behavior in a conflict situation

People, in a given situation and environment, behave differently. Some follow the declared route, others organize riots, and others provoke clashes. Such actions also demonstrate their behavior, that is, in this way people show their attitudes and preferences.

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Each person throughout his life takes on his role in some groups - family, school, institute, work, and so on. By his behavior, he strives for leadership or, conversely, tries to remain in the shadow of the others, or prefers neutrality. Tests for role behavior in a team are designed to determine a person's role in society, to make him understand whether he is doing everything right or on the wrong path.

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How do you feel in the band? Can you freely express your opinion without fear of hearing criticism in your direction, or is it better to keep silent? Will you listen to others or prove your point of view? Or maybe you yourself are trying to create conflict situations, looking for any reasons for this, thus achieving leadership? Answer the test questions and find out your behavior in the group.

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This test can be used not only to determine how a person will behave in a conflict situation. He well demonstrates the strategy of his behavior: will a person insist on his own or will he listen to the opinions of others, or will generally try to avoid controversial situations that cause contradictions, preferring to step aside and not participate in something like that. Such a test is well suited for testing oneself, but it can also be used to test the person who is planning to be hired as the head of a structural unit.

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There are people who simply surprise with their restraint: they know how to pass the test with a cold heart and a calm face, no matter how their souls boil. To say that this is ideal would be wrong, because such people simply do not know how to express their feelings. But those that release a storm of emotions with minimal stimuli also surprise with their inadequacy. Do you know how to control yourself? Can you control your behavior?

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I always adhere to the same line of conduct in everything. I have my own principles, and I'm not going to change them!

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What do you think of a person who burps loudly in public?

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Which of these aphorisms do you agree with?

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How did you do in high school?

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Friends at the last moment refuse an invitation to dinner under an unconvincing pretext. You...

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Friends invited you to visit in the middle of the week. You came home late and did not sleep well. In the morning you think:

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This morning you went to work after a quarrel with someone close to you.

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Has the waiter ever reproached you for not leaving him for tea?

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How do you greet the morning?

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In a nightclub you met the man of your dreams. He invites you to meet the dawn. Your actions?

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Do you have periods of anxiety that prevents you from sitting still?

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I reserve the last word.

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During the first date:

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If your car breaks down, your actions:

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What qualities do you value the most?

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Slow people annoy me.

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Your gender

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A nice athlete is sitting in a noisy bar with several friends. You...

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Will you be able to visit a friend without an invitation without notifying him in advance about your visit by a phone call?

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Should a woman in bed be ready to fulfill any whim of a man, if it does not cause her physical harm?

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Do you try to avoid communication tensions?

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Your behavior in the team:

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Delinquent behavior differs from deviant behavior in that

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Do you try to satisfy everyone's desire?

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Do you know how to write your resume correctly?

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Do you follow proper nutrition?

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You have a new fancy phone. But a month later a new phone model comes out. Your actions:

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If you are going for a walk, be sure to go for it:

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Do you have a specific role in any team?

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Do you drink alcohol before diving?