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Bitch tests

How often do you ask yourself the question: "Am I a bitch?" What do you look like in the eyes of your loved ones? Perhaps you should moderate your ardor, become a little more agreeable, or even think about your health? Bitch tests will help you find answers to these and many other questions.

Test how bitch you are

There is an opinion that bitchiness is an ailment of unhappy women in an unhealthy environment. In other words, before a woman had legislative and moral support from society and the state, but today she is fully equal in rights with a man. Many women who have taken on the role of breadwinner are not able to start a normal family, and some simply do not want to. There was a violation of the natural distribution of the roles of men and women in society. Therefore, bitchiness is a painful reaction to reality.

On the other hand, a bitch is always a well-groomed and confident woman who knows her own worth. She willingly spends a lot of money on her transformation, often not her own. She carries herself with dignity and has a "sharp" tongue. How often you are perceived as a bitch and is your bitchiness a sign of an illness, special tests for bitchiness will help you figure it out.

Number of passed: 6076 1013 49

It takes a lot of effort to build a relationship. But it is impossible to always be all-accepting and all-understanding. In some moments, all not the best features of a woman's nature become obvious to the chosen one. Find out how bitchy you can be in a relationship with the free test.

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Yes, there are different levels of bitchiness. Thanks to this test, you will be able to determine what level you have already reached.

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

A self-confident, calculating woman is usually called a bitch. It perfectly combines intelligence and external data. She easily seduces men who are ready to fulfill all her whims. Take the free test and find out how bitch you are.

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

You dreamed about it, and the dream came true - he (-gave (-you a trip to Tahiti:

Number of passed: 3224 537 26

Cheating for any reason and with a blue eye.

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

Your work colleague has been informed that she has been fired. You console her:

Number of passed: 3968 661 32

(from 1. Do you get the feeling that at one glance of a person, you are irritated?

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

How much can you spend per day?

Number of passed: 3844 641 31

A sketch in the style of which fashion house could you draw so that the brand is recognizable?

Number of passed: 3968 661 32

If people think you are a bastard, is that bad?

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

What do you do if a guy you don't like calls you out on a date?

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

Have you ever pretended not to notice a person?