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The desire to know about your death appears because of the fear of the unknown. Today you are happy and look to the future with optimism, and tomorrow you can break up with your loved one, you will suffer, and doomedly wait for the end of your days. It is impossible to predict events, no matter how much you want to. But there is a surefire way to determine how long your life can last if nothing happens.

Simple Death Test Free

People who look at the world through the prism of science treat death as an irrevocable end, because there is no life outside the material world. Unlike animals, humans tend to think about death. And the development of modern society even more oppresses a person who cannot but die. For many people, death is a defeat that cannot be resigned to. A person falls asleep with the thought: “I am afraid that I will die soon.” And wakes up with her, dooming his existence to a continuous fear of death.

In order not to torment oneself with fears and worries, it is worth meeting with the thought of a possible death one on one. Tests can help with this. The survey may not show the correct number of days remaining, but it might provide some clarity about the cause of your death.

Test your thoughts about death

Tests for longevity, cause and date of death can be perceived in different ways. You can ignore the topic, but it is impossible to disagree that death, like birth, are natural events that we cannot avoid. It is worth taking a survey to find out how vulnerable you are and what else you can change to increase your lifespan.

Psychologists are sure that the sooner a person can figure out his attitude towards death, the sooner he will be able to organize his personal life and overcome inner fears. And tests will help in a few minutes to form a personal opinion about imminent death and postpone the time of your meeting with the old woman with a scythe.

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The number of years lived directly depends on the quality of life. The more bad habits you have, the less you have until the last day. Twenty simple questions will help you identify weaknesses in your daily routine. The test motivates you to think about bad habits and exercise more often.

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Questionnaire, which is composed of 43 pages. The questions that will have to be answered relate to the lifestyle, features of the figure, ecology in the region and the level of income. The test will show how life expectancy depends on age and on when our parents got married and whether we are happy. A detailed analysis of the results allows you to adjust the line of behavior and, possibly, increase the duration of stay on the ground.

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Want to calculate how much you have left before leaving for another world. Then you definitely need a life expectancy calculator. Besides asking questions about your habits, you can learn how to live longer. The tips were compiled by an American scientist at the Harvard Medical School. Follow his advice and your life will not only increase, but also improve.

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Using the 20-question test, you can try to find out how easy you feel about the fact of death, whether you watch films with realistic murder scenes, whether you have been to a funeral and whether you can joke about the afterlife. It is worth answering truthfully so that the system can determine how anxious your thoughts about death are.

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How do you express your pain now?

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Do you cheat on exams (or cheated before when you studied)?

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You try not to think about death and not prepare for it

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Are you familiar with the principles of reincarnation?

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Do you believe the descriptions of near-death experiences that people have experienced?

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Are you often dissatisfied with life and think that you are out of luck?

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You all feel more acutely than most people.

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What is your age?

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Normal Saturday night. What are we doing?

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Do you have a lot of bad habits?

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How often do you have the thought of your own death?