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Jealousy Tests

Young people believe that jealousy is a sign of love. In fact, jealousy does not indicate the presence of high feelings. It is a negative trait and speaks of the partner's insecurity, his low self-esteem.

A girl who is constantly jealous of a guy must pull herself together, otherwise she risks destroying warm feelings with groundless suspicions. Chronic jealousy is a serious illness. The prognosis for the treatment of any ailment is favorable if you undergo diagnostics and treatment on time. Diagnostic measures for jealous girls include passing psychological rapid tests.

If the test showed that you have been overcome by a disease (jealousy), it's time to get rid of the disease, eradicating the destructive feeling. Try to build a positive relationship with your partner, believe in his integrity. Have a heart-to-heart talk, no pretensions. Perhaps you just think that your loved one is paying particular attention to someone.

How to know if a guy is jealous of you

Guys may also lack attention, respect, love, and may be afraid of losing the affection of the girl with whom they have an emotional connection. To find out how jealous your boyfriend is, a special test will help. Realizing that your partner is experiencing an irrational fear of losing you, and dispelling his fears, you can avoid many unreasonable actions. If you do not explain to the guy in time that you are not able to give him exclusive and unlimited attention, then this can provoke a surge of unreasonable and overt aggression in the future.

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Take a test of how jealous you are and find out if your relationship is at risk. In fact, guys love confident young ladies (not to be confused with cocky ones). Therefore, if you constantly present your loved one's acquaintances with claims about owning it, then get ready to reap the fruits of your impulsive stupidity.

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Some couples think that a relationship without pepper is too bland, so they don't miss the opportunity to stage scenes. Others are sure that jealousy is a banal distrust that can hurt a loved one (s). What kind of partners are you? Find out by assessing the level of jealousy in your couple with a test.

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People are often jealous because they crave more attention from their partner. You can also love someone, but do not ask for anything in return, do not try to limit freedom. Sometimes jealousy has nothing to do with sincere feelings. How many steps from love to jealousy and how strong the bond between you is, will determine the test of feelings on the test.

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How did you solve the issue with a sleeping place for a newborn?

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If you are going out with a friend, your boyfriend:

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How often does your girlfriend call you?