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Vulnerability Tests

Are you ready to cry with resentment when you hear hard-hitting words addressed to you on public transport? Or, on the contrary, acquaintances say that you are invulnerable like a rock, and nothing will knock you through? And in general, is it good to be able to hide your feelings and wear an impenetrable mask on your face? Today psychologists say that you need to be able to find the very middle ground that will allow you not to lose your sensuality, to be responsive and "live" person, and not to be upset about any reason.

Take the vulnerability test - it will show how close to heart you take people's hurtful statements. Of particular value is that, based on the answers, you will receive sensible recommendations from psychologists. After all, one needs to learn not to torment oneself for any reason - life is too beautiful to be spent on mental anguish. Others should sometimes listen to people more - in every conflict situation, both sides behave incorrectly. This means that in any statements, even offensive to yourself, you need to look for a rational essence - this will help to become better.

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

Sometimes any offensive statement said by a stranger or a loved one will throw you off balance for a long time. My head is spinning: am I really that? Stop tormenting yourself - this is a completely unproductive waste of life energy. It's best to honestly answer the vulnerability tests questions to know how to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

Resentment manifests itself in different ways - from pouting lips to crying in a pillow at night. Are you sure that a phrase thrown by someone is worth such nerves? Take the test to find out how easily offended you are, and at the same time how to resist it.

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

Nobody is safe from unpleasant situations. And this is not necessary - after all, competent problem solving makes us stronger, better and more human. But is it always possible to maintain peace of mind? The test below will help answer this question.

Number of passed: 2232 372 18

You have found a job, and on your first day, your boss tears and flies. You:

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

Do you remember at least one of the offenses inflicted on you under the age of five?

Number of passed: 3472 579 28

Are you friends?

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

Your child gets scared easily.

Number of passed: 4092 682 33

He (cheated on you, but promises that it will never happen again. You ...

Number of passed: 3844 641 31

What would you do in the place of the hero of Charles Perrault's fairy tale Boy with a Thumb, if your parents left you in a deep forest?

Number of passed: 6572 1095 53

The kitchen is in perfect order. But five minutes later, the sink is already full of dirty dishes!

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

Extraneous sounds, conversations distract you greatly.

Number of passed: 1736 289 14

Any mistake in the speech or behavior of acquaintances must be pointed out.

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

I am easily overwhelmed by strong sensory stimuli (sounds, sights, smells, tastes, touches).

Number of passed: 2232 372 18

Do you experience loss of appetite?