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Magic Tests

Esoteric literature is available to absolutely everyone today: books can be bought in a store or on the market, and the Internet is full of various information, often having nothing to do with truthfulness. Therefore, people who do not feel magical abilities in themselves, it is better not to poke their nose into this system, so as not to do something irreparable for themselves or others. Although it has long been believed that all people have the ability to magic from birth, only some succeed the first or second time, while others try and try, but there is no sense. Do you feel any inexplicable strength in yourself? If so, then you need to test yourself with a test.

Take the Magic Test

Passing this test is not at all difficult, just no need to try to outwit it, it still won't work. If there are no abilities, then they will not appear, even if you get a good confirmatory result. After passing the test and giving only honest answers, you will understand whether you own magic, whether you have any abilities.

Take the test and find out what magic you have

Having learned that magic is in your hands, you need to understand what kind of power you have. This knowledge will help in the future, because you have such abilities that make it possible to intervene in other people's destinies, bringing both benefit and harm. To find out exactly how serious everything is, take the test and find out the definition of your magical abilities.

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Does the desire awaken in you to become a sorcerer or a sorceress, to be able to make amulets and wield powerful spells. With the help of this test, you will understand whether you have magical abilities, whether you have the potential for practicing mysticism.

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

If you are sure that you have magic, then it would not hurt to find out what magic power you have in order to have an idea of ​​what to do with it next. The test will make it possible to realize what psychic abilities are lurking in you and in what direction they need to be directed.

Number of passed: 3224 537 26

Another, no less interesting test, which is designed to determine what kind of magic you have. There is no need to puzzle over the answers, just rely on your intuition. If you really have paranormal abilities, believe me, she will not let you down, neither today, nor tomorrow, never.

Number of passed: 2356 393 19

Are you more inclined to:

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

A black cat has crossed the road in front of you:

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

Have you recently had defeats on the love front?

Number of passed: 2356 393 19

Do you get sick 3 times a year or more often?

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

Assol from Scarlet Sails ...

Number of passed: 5208 868 42

At Christmas, you and your friends are guessing on the tea leaves. Are you holding your breath, waiting for the result, or do you somehow do not care?

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

At the moment of the prophetic dream, you were not under the influence of strong psychotropic, alcoholic, narcotic or any other substances that can change consciousness and perception?

Number of passed: 4340 723 35

If a person is endowed with a magical gift, then he is allowed much more than everyone else.

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

Do you consider yourself purposeful?

Number of passed: 2232 372 18

When you are walking down the street, you may suddenly feel:

Number of passed: 3472 579 28

How often did your wishes come true when you were angry:

Number of passed: 1488 248 12

How would you like (to get into your magical world?

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

What is your character?

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

Your favorite color:

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

Do you have a favorite home cosmetics plant?

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

Do you like to tease those who turn up their nose too much?

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Have you noticed what? or unusual in the person you are interested in?

Number of passed: 4960 827 40

Do you feel the power to change the consciousness of people or at least one person?

Number of passed: 1240 207 10

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?

Number of passed: 2232 372 18

Your cherished desire is: