Tests Tests for creativity

Tests for creativity

Creativity can be defined as the ability of a person to create something non-standard, new, her ability to generate ideas. This is the ability to think outside the box and apply it in life.

Creative tests relate to the diagnosis of abilities, because creativity is precisely the ability to generate something new. The most important role in this process is played by individual features of perception and the inductance of thinking.

Guildford's creativity test

In the 50s, Guildford identified 16 general cognitive creative characteristics. He paid special attention to those qualities of an individual that cannot be assessed by intellectual tests. This is fluency and flexibility of thought, originality, originality.

The scientist has developed a half dozen tests. In them, the subject had to find a verbal answer, and also compose it on the basis of the picture. These tests are for adults and high school students.

Psychologists believe that the low efficiency of these tests for determining creativity is due to the failure to take into account personal characteristics and the attitude towards the speed of solving problems. Williams is the creator of children's creativity tests.

Torrance creativity test

Torrance tests are widely demanded and actively used today. They are quite similar to the brainchild of J. Guildford, and in some cases are adaptations. The benchmarks were also borrowed from him. But Torrance tried to reflect in his assignments the totality and complexity of various creative processes. Their reliability and reliability are much higher, but they are also insufficient.

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This up-to-date quiz allows anyone to test their creativity. For someone who has already taken place in creativity, for example, a musician or an artist, this should be clear even without going through. For the rest, the task is very relevant. The sum of the points scored for the answers will show the level of the subject's creativity.

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The Bruner method is used for diagnostics. The questionnaire allows you to determine your own type of thinking. The answer to the question asked is yes (+) or no (-). A special key has been developed to interpret the results.

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Do you immediately understand the s addressed to you?

Number of passed: 4464 744 36

How would you define your professional skills?

Number of passed: 3968 661 32

Have you already decided how much you will spend on gifts this year?

Number of passed: 4092 682 33

Can you make the world around you better?

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

Are you in the kitchen:

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The test to determine creativity will help assess your ability to quickly and professionally solve any problems in non-standard ways. It turns out that your ability to abandon stereotypes and reintroduce your knowledge is the path to a new life, interesting work and a successful career.

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If there were 30 pairs of parallel vertical straight lines in front of you, and there would be a task to draw new drawings on their basis. How many non-repeating drawings could you paint?

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

The book is being used for reading. How many other uses can you name?

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Imagine a square with a diamond in the center. You need to finish any drawing inside the square. What would you draw?