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Thomas Conflict Test

Some testing techniques, such as Thomas's Conflict Test, related to advocacy behavior, show what kind of behavioral type the person being tested has, the peculiarities of the methods for resolving disagreements. Leading experts do not equate conflict with morally unacceptable traits of an individual, since achieving goals is often impossible without overlapping interests. Conflicts are an integral and even habitual part of life! They accompany a person at home, in work and regularly become a factor in various problems. It is recommended to attach the greatest importance not to the indicator - to what extent the individual is conflicted, but to the characteristic features that reflect what kind of behavioral strategy is chosen when the conflict flares up.

Psychological conflict tests allow you to show users whether their behavior is justified in controversial situations. Emotional management allows you not to avoid conflict, but to resolve the resulting contradictions, minimizing risks, to get out of a controversial situation as a winner. After learning the test results, you can figure out what needs to be adjusted in the behavior. It is certainly recommended to take the test for those who, due to increased conflict, experience problems in the team, at home. Behavior modification for such people turns out to be an opportunity to reduce the negative consequences that accompany conflict situations.

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Many of us often have to be nervous at work with or without reason. No one is immune from scandals and other showdowns, but in conflict situations, everyone behaves differently. Someone starts yelling, and someone silently solves problems. This test was created in order to understand which category of people you belong to.

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Aggression is normal human behavior in a stressful situation, but its manifestations are not always appropriate. How well are you in control of yourself? Do you know how to direct the flow of negative energy in a positive direction? Find out the answers to these and other questions by taking this test.

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The ability to restrain oneself in tense situations and not be led by provocations is very valuable. And not everyone has it. The inability to control oneself and smooth out conflicts often leads to unpredictable consequences. Do you know how you will behave in a conflict situation?

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Can colleagues or classmates bring you to hysterics with tears?

Number of passed: 2480 413 20

Imagine an argument starts on public transport. What are you doing?

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So, are you annoyed by the crumpled page of a newspaper or magazine you want to read?

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You grew up surrounded by a crowd of siblings and cousins.

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Do you like to argue with your friends, relatives, colleagues?

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If you were a celebrity, then:

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Your partner forgot your birthday.

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How long do you put up with before you tell him what you think?

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when someone, no matter who, is trying to teach you?

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Are you striving to understand the motivations of your work colleagues with whom you disagree?

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A dispute started in public transport. You:

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How difficult is it to piss you off? Options:

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You have been sitting in the restaurant for half an hour, and the waiter has not yet come to your table. You:

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In any situation, the last word remains with:

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Do you agree that compromise is the best way to resolve conflicts?

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The test for conflict in a team will reveal your ability to work with people. Is a noisy office full of colleagues right for you? Or you need to choose to work alone.

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The test for the ability to settle social conflicts will help to reveal what tactics you choose when it seems that it is impossible to reach mutual understanding with other elements, systems, individuals in society. Perhaps by changing tactics, you can achieve great success.

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Determining the tactics of behavior in interpersonal conflict will allow you to find out if you are guided correctly in situations when it is necessary to protect your personal interests. Do you know how to find the optimal solution in a conflict situation, or, on the contrary, emotions take over and bring a lot of trouble - having learned your style of behavior, you can correct it and thereby improve your life.

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Do you try to avoid trouble for yourself?

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

Do you have a brother?

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Is it easy for you to unleash a conflict on your own?

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Do you often have a positive mood?

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You usually want more than you get.

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There are 4 squares of different colors in front of you. Which one is the most pleasant for you?