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Aggressiveness Tests

Aggressiveness is an emotional state that is expressed in discontent, anger and manifests itself at any age. It is possible to reveal the degree of aggressiveness in adolescents from 14 years of age and older using the aggressiveness test according to the BassDarka method. The technique consists of 75 questions - situations to which truthful answers must be given. After conducting a survey on tests, the data obtained is checked against the key-answer to the question and the degree of aggressiveness is determined. Diagnostics makes it possible to identify the degree of aggression, study its cause and further prevent the occurrence of increased aggressiveness. This method of studying aggression is very important precisely in adolescence, because it is during this period that the mental state of adolescents changes.

Aggression Test

Aggression is a psychological state of a person that contains the threat of psychological or physical harm. It can manifest itself in various forms and degrees. Determine how aggressive a person you are or how quickly you can get angry, perhaps with the help of free online tests that are developed by experts and presented in the form in specific situations. To get the correct result, you must provide truthful answers, exactly as you would have done in a particular situation.

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Every person has inherent aggression, only in some it is weakly manifested or not manifested at all, and in some aggressiveness manifests itself strongly and harms others. It is possible to determine the level of a person's aggressiveness with the help of online tests, which are provided free of charge on the Internet. The questionnaire consists of a series of questions - life situations that need to be answered. According to the test results, based on the answers, the aggression index is determined with the characteristics of the results obtained.

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Based on many years of observations, the famous psychologist BassaDarki compiled his own questionnaire, which represents situations that occur every day. For these situations, compiled questions that need to be answered. It should be taken into account that the questions are structured in such a way as to exclude public opinion in the testing process as much as possible.

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Methodology Aggressive behavior is a set of questions that must be answered positively or negatively. Questions compiled taking into account life situations that occur daily. Answering questions you need to focus, give the most truthful answer in order to get the degree of aggressive behavior of a person.

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After service conflicts, you:

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Are you inclined to look for ways to reconciliation after another service conflict?

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In a restaurant, the waiter pays no attention to you. What's your first thought?

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How do you behave in a critical situation?

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Have you been brought to criminal or administrative responsibility at least once in the last year?

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During an argument, I often raise my voice.

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I easily get along with people

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The test for the level of aggression will reveal the scale of your predisposition to conflicts and scandals, cruelty, anger, rage and will show how unbalanced you are, or vice versa.

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If you get angry, can you hit your abuser?

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Do you often scream with rage?

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Did you often fight as a child?

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You are standing in line, and then someone wedges in front of you. What is your reaction?