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Eysenck's temperament tests online

Eysenck's tests are one of the most reliable and popular ways to determine IQ in the modern world. They are highly regarded by psychologists of all countries, and are considered the legacy of the talented Hans Jürgen Eysenck. Tests will help determine the level of development of verbalics in you or your friends.

In addition, you will learn a lot about yourself, your character, temperament, determine your mental state at a given period of your life. Eysenck's tests are designed in such a way that, by giving certain answers to the questions asked, you fully and completely manifest yourself as a person. Among the many modern questionnaires that the Internet teems with today, Eysenck's tests stand out precisely because they were compiled by a professional specialist, a specialist in his field.

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This is the simplest and most reliable online temperament test. It consists of 57 questions that do not require spatial answers. All you need is to concentrate as much as possible on your inner self. There are no correct options here: any question suggests the possibility of different, diametrically opposite reactions. Having passed Eysenck's temperament test, you will be able to determine the characteristics of your character, find out his strengths and learn how to correctly apply them in a variety of life situations.

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Note right away that Eysenck's tests, aimed at determining the intellectual coefficient, are designed for educated people over the age of 18 (previously there was also an upper age limit of 61 years old. But now it has been removed). Therefore, they are not suitable for schoolchildren, teenagers. Typically, you need to have a high school level of knowledge to pass intelligence tests. In addition, the creator significantly limited the time for passing each of the tests - it cannot exceed 30 minutes. With the help of Eysenck's immortal creations, you can determine for free your mathematical abilities and the level of development of logical thinking, the visual-spatial capabilities of your mind, the development of imagination and the general level of aikyu.

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Your newly-made girlfriend keeps her cell phone in her hands all the time. What do you think this means:

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Eysenck's temperament test is a quick way to determine what type of person you are. The qualities of the four basic temperaments are in each, but one of them is always more pronounced than the others.

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Eysenck's iq test is used to assess the development of a person's mental abilities. Perhaps it is you who are among the geniuses whose logic is developed to the maximum. This test will help determine the intelligence quotient.

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Eysenck's verbal thinking test will make it clear how your thinking differs from the way of thinking of the majority. Tricky logical questions will reveal how well your logic is and will show the level of your mental abilities.

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Eysenck's personality self-assessment test will determine your inner attitude towards yourself. Perhaps you should start to love yourself more or moderate your self-adoration. Adequate self-esteem will make life and relationships easier.

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We need to solve anagrams and then figure out which word is superfluous

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Are you unsure of yourself?

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Do you like noisy companies?

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Which of these languages ​​is "dead"?

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How old are you?

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How old are you?

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How old are you?

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

How old are you?

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How old are you?

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How old are you?