Tests Tests, how many children I will have

Tests on how many children I will have will reveal the veil of the future

Getting married, or just getting married, any girl dreams of the future, of children. How their life with her husband will turn out, where they will go on vacation, what the first major purchases will be - all this is only a small fraction of the problems discussed. In the old days, girls were fond of fortune-telling, being interested in their future. And today you can pass various tests - "How many children will I have", for example, and life becomes more eventful and meaningful. And it does not matter whether a woman already has children or not, but knowing their expected number in the future, it is possible, if necessary, to radically change living conditions so that happiness is not clouded by everyday troubles.

At the stage of falling in love with the representatives of the "fairer sex" in the center of attention is the object of their sighs. And only when relations acquire a vector of a certain orientation towards their legitimization, new preferences appear. And women, due to their genetic curiosity, pass the test "How old will I give birth" with great interest, even if at the time of testing they have adult children. This allows you to plan your family life and at the same time solve emerging problems before the arrival of the baby in the house: complete training or major repairs. Freeing up time, a woman can completely devote herself to communicating with a newborn.

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How do I know how many children I will have? Numerology or lines on the hand can predict the number of children with some degree of probability. Or maybe you should first pay attention to my willingness to become a mother?

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How to find out how old I am giving birth? Biological age or psychological desire to give a new life underlies the fact that a woman is ready to give birth. Or is it impossible to predict?

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A free test when I give birth to a baby will help to identify the approximate date of birth of the baby and will give an opportunity to start preparing for this significant event in advance. Or maybe it's time?

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Is it possible to know in advance if I will have a child? What comes first: reproductive functions or a woman's psychological disposition to become a mother? Or maybe you should first start looking for a partner?

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What will my children be called? What you should pay attention to: personal preferences in names, the meaning of names, or the habit of giving children the names of their ancestors. Or maybe the baby himself will choose a name for himself?

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Imagine returning to school after summer break. How long will you, as they say, “come to your senses”, trying to escape from the memories of your vacation?

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Imagine you have free time. What are you going to do?

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Do you like being in different places, traveling?

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When was the last time you had sex?

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Are you drawing a future child in your mind: