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Suicidal tendency tests - different methods

For today's society, a suicide test is extremely relevant, given the statistics of suicide or attempts among people belonging to different age categories. It is not easy to decide to check with a specialist or take your child to a psychologist. Often, the extinction of interest in life manifests itself unexpectedly and gradually worsens, which remains invisible to others. In the meantime, the personality gradually collapses, goes out, suicidal tendencies appear. The result may be unfavorable if you delay solving the problem.

The test for suicidal tendencies in adolescents is especially relevant - they are classified as the most vulnerable contingent. Some techniques are of universal significance and are suitable for people of different ages. The purpose of testing is to identify a problem that usually cannot be noticed from the outside. Early identification of the desire for self-destruction allows you to provide timely assistance to a loved one who is in the risk category. The proposed methods are developed by psychiatrists and psychologists, but they can be used remotely from a specialist. However, if a result is obtained that makes you concerned about the situation, you should seek qualified help.

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Internal problems are often so hidden that they remain invisible even to their owner. Therefore, the test for suicidal tendencies is recommended for everyone, without exception, in order to make sure that they are absent or detect them in a timely manner.

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In juvenile age, the formation of personality and psyche takes place, and often, under the influence of various factors, it does not occur properly. In some cases, violations cause a desire for self-destruction. The test for suicidal tendencies in adolescents was created for high school students and students and allows you to identify problems even at an early stage.

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Psychotherapeutic or psychological assistance provided in a timely manner can help stop the destruction of personality, prevent suicide. But it is not easy to identify the problem! The suicide test is able to check the psychology of the test taker and determine his degree of risk of facing suicide.

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It is better to assess the risk of facing such a condition when an irresistible desire to self-destruct may appear, using the suicidal risk test in advance. It will allow you to find out your own resistance to such a serious mental disorder.

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Razuvaeva's online suicide test is an effective method of express testing, which is based on a subscale diagnostic concept. Designed for high school students and allows testing individually or in groups.

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Prospectors for a number of job positions undergo multidisciplinary testing, with the CPA suicide test being one of the mandatory. You can try to pass it in advance in order to understand whether it will be successful when entering the service or you need to prepare.

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Applicants for employment in law enforcement agencies undergo a suicide test of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an online version of which every user can pass. It is suitable for inspection and other professions that require dangerous tasks, work with firearms.

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The Aetern test for suicidal tendencies is based on various testing methods, including the choice of color, the assessment of attitudes towards others, the level of interaction with the world. He comprehensively examines the human psyche and, comparing all the data, gives the result.

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It is recommended to test for suicidal tendencies not only for people with identified or visible psychological problems, but also without them. An effective method is the Korolev suicide test, which assesses the level of suicidal tendencies.

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The inner state of an individual is reflected in his behavioral traits, even if attempts are made to hide problems and mislead others. Eysenck's test for suicidal behavior is based on this and reflects the level of anxiety on a special scale.

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