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Attention and memory tests

Not only schoolchildren suffer from scattered attention and forgetfulness. Adults have the same problems, only they are caused by external factors, and not by lack of training. The test for attention and memory will help determine how well you absorb and remember information in different forms and volumes. What is easier for you, visual, auditory, printed text or stories told by friends?

Our memory is divided into several categories: short-term, long-term and sensory. Tests for the development of memory will allow you to clarify which function is "sinking" in you, what you should practice and at the same time identify the causes of forgetfulness. We assimilate external data in several stages. Lack of interest in the subject weakens attention, interferes with memorization. Hearing or seeing, touching or feeling, a person memorizes, stores the information in the “department” of long-term memory. If necessary, this information is retrieved through memories. At some point, you may forget important data. Forgetfulness manifests itself under the influence of stress, neuroses, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen, bad habits, and serious illnesses. If this happens repeatedly, sound the alarm.

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Tests for attention and memory can be performed without preparation or materials at hand. Just try to remember the little things and then remember, list them aloud, write them down. However, if the results are documented, the conclusions appear more realistic.

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Can you keep in mind numbers, faces, names of objects, names and patronymics, phone numbers and dates or are you experiencing constant problems? The memory test will tell you if your brain needs training to memorize speed and the ability to remember important things in time.

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You can test your own ability to memorize information in the "field" conditions, without tables and special pictures. Take a memory test at home by simply reading out loud or silently a phrase or looking at a picture. Now describe.

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Sophisticated visual memory tests assume the presence of tables with symbols, numbers, shapes, small color pictures. We will use a simple questionnaire that will show how easily you perceive and memorize everything that you see.

Number of passed: 4092 682 33

We are all different, and it is not surprising that the properties of mind and memory differ even for one subject. Someone remembers all the dates, another - poems, the third - smells. The facial memory test will check how developed you have this ability.

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

Numbers play a significant role in science, history, and in everyday life they are no less important. A memory test with numbers will reveal your ability to memorize actual dates, phone numbers, the number of certain items.

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Tests for short memory are based on memorizing plots, words, images, everything that we see and hear. Then the brain either gets rid of the information, or it is redirected to long-term memory. Check your short-term working memory to see if it's weakened?

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

Having passed the test for human random access memory, you will find out how long you can remember vital information necessary to perform actual actions, that is, those whose results are important to you.

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

A simple test for eidetic memory, in other words, for the speed of memorization, will allow you to understand how developed this ability is. It helps students to pass exams, scientists - at work, and other hard workers from the category of managers and businessmen will be useful.

Number of passed: 4464 744 36

It happens that when you run out of the house, you remember with horror whether the iron is turned off?

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Is it easy for you to remember five different phone numbers?

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Why does the heron stand on one leg?