Tests Cattell's tests for assessing personality traits

Cattell's tests for assessing individual psychological personality traits

There are different types of characters, even in one individual there are many conflicting qualities. Cattell's test makes it possible to assess as closely as possible the special personality traits of each subject. This is extremely significant not only for the people themselves, but also for their leadership. Such a survey is often carried out in enterprises and organizations where there are large teams. After all, team consistency is a very important and significant factor for the quality of work. This testing is used by universities as well as recruiters when recruiting personnel.

This is not a simple test, Cattell's 16-factor test allows you to determine 16 personality traits and make a result for each. A closed person or quickly finds a common language in a team, is always open to new acquaintances. Dominance, willingness to take responsibility or a statement with increased modesty and a desire to sit out in the shade. The revealed qualities of restraint or hot temper are also important, because a hot personality can deliberately enter into conflicts, which is completely unacceptable at work. In addition, the degree of intelligence, gullibility, toughness, straightforwardness, confidence, etc. is determined.

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Cattell's 16 factor test does not contain erroneous answers, try to answer quickly, without any hesitation, to get clean results. Among the answer options there are average opinions, choose them only in cases where the answer "yes" or "no" does not at all correspond to your views.

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Personal characteristics of people are revealed by their mental development. It is customary to express this by the IQ coefficient, the higher it is, the more developed a person is. Cattell's IQ test will make it possible to determine your indicator.

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This Cattell personality test allows you to expand the boundaries of standard surveys, which predetermine belonging to a particular type or predisposition to one thing. The questionnaire expresses the complete picture, characterizing a person from all sides.

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The Cattell Free Test or the Cattell IQ Test makes it possible to determine the pure IQ ratio with the utmost precision. Not the format of the method in the absence of restrictions on the language binding, environment, culture, education and erudition that the subjects have.

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The Cattell career guidance test is intended for adolescents who do not have specific goals and propensities for professions. With its help, you can determine the degree of your purpose, identify the recommended areas of activity.

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The children's version of the online Cattell test can be taken by children aged 8 to 12 years. With its help, several factors of the emotional and psychological state of the child are revealed. His degree of poise, leadership skills, interaction with classmates, motivational data, level of temperament, cruelty, etc.