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IQ test at employment

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1. Insert the missing number in the row 3,5,7-11

What is an IQ test when applying for a job?

Unlike conventional intelligence tests, the IQ test is based on international standards, consists of different questions and can be fair for everyone. Any level of intellectual sophistication and culture. The IQ test during recruitment, which arises as you pass certain questions, is designed to assess not only the ability to think about visual aspects, but also IQ arithmetic, memory, knowledge and spatial reasoning. We can say that this is the most complete test, it is one of the three most popular intelligent test types in the world.

What is an IQ test when applying for a job?

IQ test when applying for a job & mdash; how accurate?

As stated above, the IQ test is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of all left brain thinking skills, but due to its accuracy, inaccuracies can occur. He judges all people fairly, including those who are illiterate and who have never attended school.

Reason? Simply put, a person who has never been to school will not be able to know the rules for calculating numbers, addition, multiplication operations and cultural knowledge. If they cannot solve an IQ test, it is possible that it is because they do not have exact sciences and excellent knowledge, but this does not mean that they do not have the ability to think logically.

However, for those who are an employee or a candidate for a job in a commercial company, the bank and who have been trained in school understand the rules of arithmetic. This IQ test when applying for a job will assess their ability to argue in the most comprehensive and accurate way. Therefore, this is precisely why large companies, banks, when choosing an employee who need to pass the IQ logic of the brain, want to see a person with non-standard thinking and are ready to use the intellectual side.

Notes before taking the test:

  • The IQ test for hiring consists of several questions that will be completed within 5 (five) minutes.
  • Questions range from simple to complex.
  • One has only to take the test in a quiet place when your mind is fresh to get a highly accurate result.
  • To be fair to other test candidates, please don't share your answers.