How to recognize a person by handwriting?

Graphology is a science that studies the relationship between a person's character and his handwriting. Graphology examines methods that allow you to recognize a person by handwriting. Analyzing handwriting in order to determine the characteristics of a person's personality and character is a fun and exciting experience. Such a test is performed for free and quite simply by graphologists, scientists performing this analysis.

The character of a person is also inextricably linked with the brain and nervous system, like handwriting. Many remarkable and amusing facts about a person's character and his characteristics can be found with the help of a handwriting test. It is possible to identify some features and details that were previously not even known.

Some companies use such testing in interviews, assessing the condition of applicants. The results of the graphological test will help determine whether the candidate is suitable for the vacant position, whether he is responsible, or whether he is responsible for making a decision on hiring. You can also perform this check yourself by using the test on the site online.

Online handwriting testing is gaining more and more popularity. These cognitive tests are available for both organizations and individuals at home.

In Europe, handwriting tests are extremely popular; such analysis is often used by large companies when hiring. A similar practice in Russia is not so common, but over time it is also gaining popularity.

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To obtain more accurate test results, it is necessary to provide normal conditions, the person should be calm, the pen should be ballpoint, comfortable and dark in color. To analyze the type of person, experts pay attention to the slopes of the letters, their shape, the distance between words and other factors.

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For this testing, 2-3 lines of a letter will be enough, on the topic that was provided in the task for work. For the analysis, the structure of the letter and letters, the degree of handwriting, their tempo and inclinations are taken into account. For each answer to the question, a plus or minus sign is put, on the basis of which the result and deciphering of the peculiarities of the type of person's character are made.

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Studying the intensity (sweep) of the handwriting and the pressure:

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Signature size:

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Specify the slope of letters in handwriting:

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Specify the size of the letters: