Test "What clothes are right for me?"

An old proverb says: "They meet by their clothes, they see them off by their minds." Do you have exquisite taste and a subtle sense of style that allows you to grab the attention of onlookers and make a vivid impression? When you go shopping, you do not need the help of a salesperson at all, and your relatives shower you with compliments every day? You have the opportunity to check whether you are really good at choosing clothes or whether those around you are simply flattering you.

Test "What clothes are right for me?"

Alas, not every person has excellent taste, and this certainly affects clothes. As a rule, the sharp-sighted human eye always has something to cling to, be it incongruous colors, lack of detail or unsuccessful type of clothing, even if you are of the opposite opinion. If you cannot decide which clothes are most suitable for your image, appearance and temperament, we recommend taking a simple test for girls and women.

Taste Test in Clothes

Successfully completing this test will tell you how well you know about clothes, or perhaps you should buy a few fashion magazines, talk to a good-taste friend, or consultants if you want to put together a basic wardrobe. Take a quick check and find out all the details!

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Did you know that clothes can tell a lot about a person? An experienced psychologist only needs one glance to determine your type of temperament. To find out how others accept you, take a simple test.

Number of passed: 5704 951 46

Do you love to be the center of attention of others, trying to stand out with bright extraordinary clothes? Or, on the contrary, are you trying to be a gray mouse, preferring modest nondescript outfits? Take the test and find out which style is perfect for your temperament.

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

Where would you rather spend your summer?

Number of passed: 4340 723 35

Do you try to renew your wardrobe every season, regardless of whether you need new clothes?

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Choosing a swimsuit, you prefer:

Number of passed: 6820 1137 55

Which bag do you prefer?

Number of passed: 3472 579 28

Go to the gym:

Number of passed: 2480 413 20

Your dress preferences:

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

Are you athletic?

Number of passed: 5580 930 45

Are you going to the theater. It so happened that you can go only in a suit - a fitted jacket with a long skirt. But there are also your accessories. What will you do?

Number of passed: 6076 1013 49

Are you going on a romantic date with a guy you just met today. What style of clothing will you choose to conquer and surprise him?

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Your body type:

Number of passed: 4960 827 40

With what expression does the seller meet the buyer?

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

What clothes are slimmer?