Success tests

Success in any business is 98% of persistence, desire, hard work and effort, and only 2% of luck. Are you a successful person? Or don't you consider yourself as such? Are you able to build relationships with people, see prospects and are able to develop? Then, for sure, you are guaranteed success. Still have doubts?

Success tests can help you get rid of them and make sure you are on the right track. How close are you to her? Fortune - a girl is not stupid and "gives" success only to the elite, that is, to those who have a certain set of qualities. Communication with rich people, analysis of their activities and character traits helped create tests that can answer the question "will you succeed."

Number of passed: 6572 1095 53

This test was developed in collaboration with the author of How Rich People Think, Stephen Siebold. It turns out that the thinking of rich people is very different from the thinking of the average person, who is limited by some kind of stereotypes and taboos. What do you think? Do you have thoughts of a rich man swarming in your head?

Number of passed: 4464 744 36

Donald Trump is fabulously rich. But he does not keep his activities a secret, but shares his experience, helping others to succeed. Communication in a circle of successful people helped to highlight the main character traits inherent in them. Will you be able to become a billionaire, thanks to similar traits and outlook on life?

Number of passed: 7812 1302 63

Everything in this world has its own progress and development, and big starts small. Step by step you should develop yourself, but first you need to realize what stage you are at now, so that your actions become more effective. Test your success rate so you know where to go next.

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

I am easily annoyed when I notice that I cannot 100% complete the task.

Number of passed: 1612 269 13

Certification with further promotion is planned for some employees at work. You:

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

What queue do you most often visit at a store?

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

Do others dress better than you?

Number of passed: 1736 289 14

What queue do you most often visit at a store?

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

Do you notice that someone is watching you?

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

After failure or failure, your main goal is:

Number of passed: 5456 909 44

While traveling around the world, your liner moored in the port due to a breakdown. How will you spend a few days while the renovation is in progress?

Number of passed: 4216 703 34

I always know what to do if I fail, but I never talk about it

Number of passed: 2356 393 19

Will you sit at the table if you have to sit on the corner of the table?

Number of passed: 5332 889 43

How do you feel about a person in transport or on the street smiling at everyone around?

Number of passed: 4836 806 39

Your element:

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

You looked out the window in the morning, your first thought

Number of passed: 13764 2294 111

I think more about getting a good grade than I'm afraid of getting a bad one

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

Do you often complain about life?