Assessment of the level of sociability test V.F.Ryakhovsky

The degree of development of the brain and sociability, empathy and inner freedom, organizational culture and conflict level are determined using tests for "level". Are you communicative enough? Do you know how to be delicate? How much does your mood depend on the circumstances? Are you too aggressive? How responsible are you? The answers to these questions are in our new selection of level tests.

Assessing the level of sociability

You can get an assessment of your sociability by passing tests for the level of communication. With their help, it is customary to assess suitability for a leadership position, for working with people. Is it difficult for you at corporate events? Are you feeling withdrawn? Do you suffer from your own taciturnity? You have come to the right place. We already have the largest collection of sociability tests available. Go through them and get clear recommendations that will make your life much easier.

Claim Level Tests

Want to know what your friends and colleagues are claiming? Planning to find out the level of your ambition? Use specialized questionnaires! The most famous of these, the Schwarzlander test, gives a surprisingly accurate assessment of these qualities. In other versions, you can find recommendations for achieving success, moving up the career ladder and getting rid of destructive passivity.

How to assess the level of development of technical thinking?

It's very simple - pass the tests! A classic representative of such questionnaires, the Bennett test will tell all about your mechanical comprehension. In addition, many similar options are used today: to assess technical thinking in children and adolescents, for timely career guidance, to identify the appropriate abilities of employees.

Number of passed: 2480 413 20

How developed is your ability to feel people? Do you always understand the interlocutor? The result of the survey will determine your level of empathy development, will assess your ability to empathize.

Number of passed: 4340 723 35

How much do you depend on public opinion? Can you make decisions without regard for prejudice? What prevents you from achieving your goals? The test for inner freedom will tell all this. It will help you get rid of complexes, become more relaxed, and gain confidence.

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

Intrigues and scandals - your constant companions? It seems to you that your level of aggression is below average, but you always find yourself in conflict situations? Answer the proposed questions and find out how things really are. The test results will show you what to do next: slow down or learn to defend your position.

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

The ability to organize oneself determines the ability to keep up with everything and achieve success. Are you always running out of time? The number of unfinished business is growing every day and does it interfere with your work? Trust the experienced psychologists who created this test and finally take control of yourself.

Number of passed: 6448 1075 52

The simple questions of this test do not require much thought. All that is needed is to give a subjective assessment of the proposed situations. The result will be an unbiased opinion of an experienced psychologist about the degree of your sociability, its role in your life.

Number of passed: 3224 537 26

I consider myself a completely modern person.

Number of passed: 4464 744 36

The capital of France is a city

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

Taste and color (...) no

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

Oleg Lundstrem finished:

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

What coat did Chichikov wear?

Number of passed: 3472 579 28

If you stand facing the building of the Bolshoi Theater (or pick up a 100-ruble note), how many columns at the main entrance can you see?

Number of passed: 6200 1033 50

Oh yes Pushkin! Oh yeah son of a bitch! - Alexander Sergeevich wrote to his friend Vyazemsky after

Number of passed: 6076 1013 49

What did the one artist who loved the actress do to give her Million, million, million scarlet roses?

Number of passed: 2976 496 24

In the store you see a product with a price tag, the price suits you, go to the checkout - and there they say that the price tag is actually old and the price is completely different. You are outraged and demand to sell the item with the indicated price. Are your actions legal?

Number of passed: 1860 310 15

If he comes into the house, you can't drive it out with a stake, the time will come - he will leave by himself.

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

When you have a , what do you do?

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

What is HTML?

Number of passed: 4712 785 38

Let's start simple. What is shown in the picture?

Number of passed: 7192 1199 58

How to find out how many white cars are in Moscow?

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

How would you explain the meaning of the word EBITDA in your own words?

Number of passed: 6572 1095 53

Who is the author of these lines:

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

What period do the zeroes cover

Number of passed: 1860 310 15

What is the name of Ebenezar Scrooge's late business partner in Charles Dickens's finest work, A Christmas Carol;

Number of passed: 4836 806 39

Where was Forks?

Number of passed: 3844 641 31

How is it translated? (Arabic language)

Number of passed: 6200 1033 50


Number of passed: 1488 248 12

Olympic Games are being held ...

Number of passed: 7192 1199 58

We start, of course, with native speech - how many morphemes are in the word autumn?

Number of passed: 2728 455 22

What is an account login?

Number of passed: 5208 868 42

Please enter your gender

Number of passed: 7192 1199 58

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Number of passed: 9052 1509 73

If a truck with water brakes, which part of the tank will the water drain into?

Number of passed: 1984 331 16

Could you run 100 meters in 10 seconds?

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

What determines career success?

Number of passed: 3348 558 27

Are there people you want to be like?

Number of passed: 5704 951 46

Have you ever had dreams that you could control?

Number of passed: 1488 248 12

Are you very upset about the death of animals in a movie or book?

Number of passed: 5580 930 45

Do team members show initiative in solving common problems?

Number of passed: 3720 620 30

What is the best way to achieve strict discipline?

Number of passed: 4092 682 33

Are the rights and obligations of each employee clearly defined in your company?