Tolerance tests

At first glance, tolerance is difficult to measure and evaluate. What each of us thinks about himself may absolutely not correspond to reality. Let's say you are good with different nationalities and even sympathetic to African Americans. But as soon as you come into close contact with a Vietnamese, you feel an acute dislike, which develops into irritation and aggression.

Tests on the topic of tolerance - a litmus paper to determine your patience

Real situations can reveal the whole truth about your attitude towards other people, their way of life, political views, sexual orientation. But you shouldn't count on the fact that situations that will piss you off will never happen to you. There is a humane way to adequately assess tolerance, which will reveal your weaknesses and indicate the real degree of tolerance. These are tests for tolerance.

Diagnostics using various questions is an affordable way to look inside yourself and deal with hidden stimuli that may not appear until a certain point. In order to find out more about yourself, take an online test and find out how tolerant you are towards other people, whether you can calmly respond to behavior different from yours and whether you are ready to accept someone else's point of view.

V. V. Boyko's test of communicative tolerance

Use several tests for a good diagnosis. They will help you identify most of the irritants that live in your mind, and assess your attitude towards them. The test of Victor Boyko will help to avoid conflicts in interpersonal communication. Forty-five questions need to be passed through yourself and answer how reliable the voiced judgments are for you. As a result, you will receive an assessment of nine areas of your tolerance and will know exactly your weaknesses and understand the reasons for previous conflicts with other people.

The Rosenzweig test will show the brightness of a person's reaction to failures and obstacles

A slightly different questionnaire, but on the same topic, is suggested by Saul Rosenzweig. An American psychotherapist investigated the causes of aggression, which led to the creation of a frustration reaction test. The test invites adults and children to describe their attitude in 24 pictures. In each drawing, a person will face a conflict situation. The results are deciphered according to the theory of Rosenzweig and allow us to draw a conclusion about the adaptation of a person to the social environment.

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

Test for ten questions that will help you understand the limits of tolerance. You can find out about your attitude to interethnic marriages and the customs of modern youth. The test will help you determine how you respond to an unfamiliar environment and how quickly you accept revolutionary ideas.

Number of passed: 9300 1550 75

The questionnaire is designed for ten questions. After passing you get a comprehensive assessment of your tolerance for people of different nationalities and races. If you have never asked yourself questions about where certain peoples should live and how easy it is for you to make contact with people of a different religion, then this test is for you.

Number of passed: 2852 475 23

Your relationship with technology:

Number of passed: 2356 393 19

Gays make me nervous.

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

At a workshop you meet a cute divorced colleague. If he does nothing to continue the acquaintance, you:

Number of passed: 6572 1095 53

You are not confused by the sight of men kissing.

Number of passed: 2604 434 21

Do you keep the eyes of the interlocutor when contacting him?

Number of passed: 2480 413 20

Society is ...

Number of passed: 2480 413 20

Obedience and respect for authority are the most important things children need to learn

Number of passed: 4588 765 37

What confession do you belong to?

Number of passed: 1736 289 14

If a quarrel arises between a representative of your nationality and a representative of another nationality:

Number of passed: 5332 889 43

Are you annoyed by people with a different temperament and behavior from yours?

Number of passed: 4588 765 37

A passing car sprayed you from a puddle. What is your reaction?