Patience Tests

Are you able to wait if there is a reward, success, recognition ahead of you? How loyal are you to the shortcomings of others? What is more important to you: your own ambitions or peace and harmony in the family? Along with love, moderation, chastity, meekness, humility and diligence, patience in Christianity is a virtue that helps to overcome all difficulties in life.

It is not only Christianity that puts patience on its pedestal. Patience is one of the commandments of successful millionaires. Conquering the world, you need to be patient. Immunity to the negativity directed at you helps to overcome many barriers. Rational business behavior allows you to optimally correlate income and expenses, investments and current consumption, balance of liabilities and assets. No wonder, in translation from many languages ​​of the world, patience is also persistence, and even solitaire.

The success of teaching, medical or research activities directly depends on your ability to patiently but persistently achieve your goals. An instant result is great, but an effective strategy and the ability to painstakingly analyze intermediate results allow you to achieve much higher goals. Sometimes even the absence of a result is more valuable and significant. This also needs to be understood and accepted.

Patience Test

A tolerant attitude to other views, customs, religious beliefs allows you to adequately relate to yourself and others. Gives confidence in yourself, your own strengths and capabilities. A patience test will help you realize your individual ability to adapt to any circumstances, the ability to remain calm and make the right decisions in a crisis situation. The ability to bring what has been started to a logical or financial result also directly depends on patience.

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A simple test, after passing which you will be able to get answers to the degree of your own tolerance towards other views, thoughts, actions. By honestly and objectively answering 11 questions of the test, as a result, you will receive a personal characteristic of such qualities as the ability to conduct a dialogue, defend your own beliefs, and take a hit while playing an argument.

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Do you find it unpleasant when you have to abandon a plan you came up with because your friends suggested exactly the same plan?

Number of passed: 3100 517 25

Do you feel uncomfortable if you are in total darkness and, in addition, alone?

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I find it difficult to imitate other people.

Number of passed: 3596 599 29

I am very nervous and worried.

Number of passed: 4960 827 40

If I get tired while doing hard work, I quit right away.

Number of passed: 7440 1240 60

This morning you have a very important meeting at work. You are about to leave, but your little son starts crying and cannot stop.

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What could you queue up for?

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Take measures in advance against relatives and namesakes.

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You were accidentally stepped on your foot in transport. Your reaction: