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1. Do you consider yourself complete?

Very often, women gain weight during pregnancy. Everyone around takes care of her and the unborn child. Mom, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends - everyone is trying to feed her with delicious food. It is during pregnancy that an excess weight test will show how to take seriously what to eat and in what quantities. This is just one of the reasons for gaining extra pounds. But there are more serious reasons - these are: diseases of the ovaries, thyroid gland, pituitary and adrenal glands. And also hereditary predisposition and slow digestion process.

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Psychological test: where does excess weight come from?

How often have we noticed that among our acquaintances, there are people who eat a lot of sweets, pancakes, but do not get fat. All this is simply explained: in one person, the digestive process is very slow and therefore he gets fat. And in another person, the metabolism is fast and so that he does not eat, the weight does not increase. First, research your lifestyle and take an overweight test right now. When a person begins to simply write down what he ate in a day, then he gets a shock from the amount eaten. And if you estimate how many calories were spent on movement, the result will be disastrous.

Nutritionists have long been saying that you need a balanced, proper diet, and not rigid diets, which are often harmful. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a specialist nutritionist who will help you draw up an approximate diet and physical activity in order to start losing weight. Of course, you can do all this yourself, but you need the support of family and friends.

Test: how to find out how much excess weight?

If the weight began to grow sharply, then here we need to talk about a health problem. It is imperative to pass an excess weight test for free and answer to yourself how it happened. Based on the test results, it will be clear why the sudden weight gain occurred.

When the reason for the weight gain is determined, then it will be easier to create a weight loss program. For this, products are used that improve the metabolic process. The test result will tell you how to avoid hunger and which physical activities can be used and which are strictly prohibited.