Tests Tests for magical abilities of a personHow developed is your intuition?

How developed is your intuition?

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1. Do you guess the answers quickly when playing different games?

Become a lucky, darling of fate, who is constantly lucky. Is not that great? Initially, each of us has intuition. This is an innate ability. But for some, she is constantly active and prompts the right decisions, while for others she sleeps soundly. And at the right time it can fail. This explains why people die so often in various disasters. Their sixth sense did not tell them about the danger.

Psychological test for intuition

But if you develop intuition on your own, then it will always come to your aid. It will make your life special, unlike most people's lives. For some individuals, it seems to work, but not in full force. Unfortunate mistakes happen. Or her prompts are not clear enough and it is not possible to test for intuition, it will help to use it as it should. Therefore, you need to help yourself and start developing it.

How intuitive are you?

You've probably noticed that sometimes you have a sense of déjà vu. It seems that with you, this has already happened. But as you do not try to remember, nothing comes of it. These are some clues from your intuition, a door to unknown knowledge. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not pay attention to them, thinking that it seemed to us. Thus, offending your intuition. She tried to convey something to us, but we did not want to listen to her. It is possible to develop intuition on your own and then you will begin to understand what she wanted to communicate.

Try to pay attention to your dreams. They often contain tips or ready-made solutions to your problems. Learn to memorize and decode your dreams. Keep a diary where you will write down what you dreamed at night. If you don't write it down right away, then with a 95% probability the dream will be forgotten. And there may be something important for you.

One cannot do without persistent training, and therefore, the test for the development of intuition will make you wake up, the sleeping ability for years will not be easy. And to learn, to clearly understand her prompts is even more difficult. But do not despair, if you want everything will work out.

Remember, the more you use your instinct, the better it works. The self-development test is to maximize this feeling, if you don't use it, then all your efforts will turn out to be a failure.

Start developing your intuition right now

A simple exercise and test for the development of intuition. First of all, there will be many mistakes. But no need to reproach yourself for this, for everyone at first it happens that way. Gradually, you will start to intuitively think more and more.

Also, try to anticipate events. For example, while watching a movie, TV show, reading a book, try to guess what will happen next. It may not work at first. But soon you will begin to guess. And you will love it. You will be able to surprise others with your new abilities. Practice, practice and more practice! Very soon, you will notice how the level of your ability will grow significantly. Remember to be optimistic, you will be able to pass the intuition test and believe in success.