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Cheating girl test

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1. Does the girl allow to take her phone?

Treason — it is a word that evokes negative feelings and emotions in every person. According to statistics, men most often cheat. A psychological test for a girl's betrayal will show if this is so? The fact is that ladies are capable of this no less than the stronger sex. It's just that the girls are more skillful at hiding it, so the cheating test will try to catch them in this.

Test: Why is a girl cheating on her boyfriend?

There are a number of reasons why a woman decides to do this.

  1. Revenge. Often a wife finds out about her husband's betrayal, and she is seized by grief, anger and resentment. She finds nothing better than to change in revenge. “Let him hurt as much as I did,” thinks the offended woman.
  2. Example of parents. Often in a girl's family there are betrayals on the part of her father or mother. This is the motive in the future. Psychologists answer the question: why is a girl cheating? These people tend to imitate their parents' pattern.
  3. Unhappy marriage. If a woman is always depressed, does not feel needed, there are some problems at home, and her husband does not help, she begins to feel unhappy. Cheating in such a situation as an outlet to feel at least a little bit desirable.
  4. Sexually dissatisfied. Over time, sex becomes less, and passion passes, the man ceases to satisfy. Then the woman is looking for another. Everyone knows that a woman's dissatisfaction affects her emotional, psychological and physical condition, and also affects her appearance. These factors and the test for cheating on the girl will show whether they are the impetus for finding another partner.
Cheating girl test

Psychological test for cheating: signs of female infidelity

How to understand why a girl or wife is cheating? There are signs that indicate a partner is unfaithful.

  1. Restricting access to personal space. She changed the password on her phone and laptop, does not allow her personal belongings to be touched, and immediately grabs her cell phone if a message arrives. The woman is clearly hiding something.
  2. Change of appearance. The girl began to paint differently, changed her hairstyle, she always looks good. When going to a meeting with friends or colleagues, dresses too sexy, takes a long time to get ready.
  3. Lack of sex, or no emotion during the process. A woman refuses sex or behaves stiffly and coldly, not showing initiative. It seems that she does not need it. So she has sex with someone else.
  4. Work late. Some important tasks appear at work that do not tolerate delay, you have to stay late or go out on weekends.
  5. Indifference. She calmly lets her partner go to meetings and drinking with friends, is not interested in his life. A girl may refuse to spend time together, referring to a bunch of chores around the house or at work.

True, you should not immediately sound the alarm, we suggest that you take a test for a girl's betrayal. If one or more signs are found in the behavior of your beloved, there are other reasons for this behavior. There is no need to rush, reproach at once, and draw conclusions. To be sure of cheating, you need to answer a few questions of the online test.