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Wedding Test

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1. Have you thought about what your wedding will be like?

A wedding is a fairly important event that cannot go with mistakes and blots. For the bride and groom, for the guests, everything should go perfectly.

Psychological test: preparation for the celebration

Preparations for the holiday should begin in advance, several months in advance. Having decided on the date of the celebration, lovers must decide on the venue. A cafe, restaurant or summer terrace should be roomy in size so as not to hamper the guests. The main thing in this business is not to rush, it is best to pass the test before the wedding and comprehend the importance of this event. The decoration of the hall depends on the style of the celebration. The number of balloons, flowers, posters is a matter of taste, and you should consider inviting to the celebration in advance. Guests who live far from the place of the celebration should deliver the invitation in advance. It is worth taking care of the accommodation of guests in advance. Place them in neighbors or in a hotel, the main thing is that they can comfortably prepare for the celebration.

Wedding test

Bride's dress and groom's suit

Choosing a wedding dress, many questions arise in my head. The bride must remember that she will spend about twelve hours in it, so the wedding test will help the main heroine of the holiday stay in comfort, and this is the main criterion. You should not chase fashion, it is very fleeting. And not everything fashionable means comfortable. You need to find your dress, which will be a continuation of the image. The groom's suit is a little easier. The suits have fewer styles than the wedding dress, but the color is still worth considering. The classic is a black suit. But today, young people choose these colors: white, gray, light blue or blue. Such an event is very responsible and difficult, therefore, the psychological test makes it possible to carry out all the events ourselves.

Wedding cortege

The number of cars in the wedding cortege depends on the preferences of the newlyweds and guests who are invited to the wedding ceremony. Cars can be either the same color or different, but it is desirable that the cars are of the same brand. But don't turn the holiday into a demonstration.

Select witnesses

Witnesses or, as it is now fashionable to say best men, are chosen thoroughly. At the holiday, they will be the main assistants of the newlyweds. Bridesmaids and friends of the groom. A company of five to six people, dressed in one color scheme by standards. But if girlfriends or friends are in conflict with each other, you should not invite them. You can just ruin the whole celebration. The entertainment part assumes the presence of a toastmaster. Her choice depends on the taste of both sides. In addition to the toastmaster, a live band, DJ, or singers may attend the wedding.

The main thing here is to clearly distinguish between the positions of guests and service personnel, for this we have prepared a test before the wedding, so that everyone can only have a rest and have fun.

During the celebration, it is necessary to ensure that guests do not delay congratulations, do not tell long stories. Everything should be clear and concise.

Find such a person among friends or relatives who could control what is happening.

No matter how thought out the wedding as a whole, the test about the wedding will help you make a list for force majeure situations. And such moments certainly happen.