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Character of your dog

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1. If someone else's dog attacks you, what are your actions?

Ever wondered why some dogs are so smart that they can graze sheep, save people from avalanches or sniff out drugs for the police, but some of them can't even seem to learn to "sit" and "lie"?

Some of your dog's abilities and personality

While there are many ways to define your dog's personality and problem-solving ability. Your dog may not know when to bring the leash, but he automatically knows it's time to go for a walk when you pick up the leash. It also shows a kind of intelligence for your pet.

Your dog's personality

Character in dogs is also measured in different ways by different people. If I asked 50 people to describe how smart a dog would be, I probably got 50 different answers. Do you think that a dog that can bring you your slippers when you get home is a really smart dog?

Courage is not always the determining factor that can be determined by passing a test for your dog's character, just as important is the method of solving commands. Another thing to remember is that sometimes smarter dogs can be more difficult to train because they tend to question authority and see how much they can disobey.

Types of character of the dog: the main differences

The character of the dog is divided into several types. One of them comes with the breed and type of dog, so some dogs and dog breeds have differences in natural ability. For example, some dogs, such as greyhounds and Russian wolfhounds, are hounds and will do better on species-oriented tests. Other breeds, such as Bloodhounds and Beagles, use their noses for problem solving and are therefore likely to be better oriented towards odor-oriented problem solving analysis.

Test: What is your dog's personality?

This testing can be fun and can give you a general idea of ​​what character your dog is? But wise pet owners maintain their own criteria. Your dog cannot win a Nobel Prize or even first place in a dog competition - he may even lose his beloved ball once in a while, but when it comes to making us happy and feeling good, most of our pets are just brilliant. your character!