Tests Tests: Which dog is right for meWhat kind of dog will suit me in character and personality?

What kind of dog will suit me in character and personality?

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1. Which phrase best describes what you are looking for in a dog?

Before you meet a potential dog candidate, read "Getting to Know Your Dog's Body Language" to help you recognize your dog's comfort level. When you go to meet your dog, take out small, soft chicken treats (not biscuits) and a couple of toys. See if the dog picks up softly and wants to play with the toy. If she does not want a treat, she may be sick, scared, or this is the character trait of the dog. Don't be alarmed if your dog doesn't want to play with the toy. It may take a little time for the dog to warm up before the idea of ​​play, or the dog may not feel good.

To find out the dog's comfort level and temperament, ask the dog's guardian if you can give him a quick little exam. Touch his ears, look at his teeth, raise a paw or two, hug him, lift the dog. If the dog is small, you may want to see if it is comfortable to carry. Even large dogs will be lifted if you help the dog to get on the ship. Every dog ​​will need grooming and dealing with strangers often occurs in any social setting.

Which dog will suit me in terms of character and personality?

Test for a suitable dog by character of a person

When doing an exam or test for dogs, be careful: many dogs are afraid of being controlled by strangers. Feel free to ask for help. The dog's caregiver or adoption staff needs to know something about each dog's behavior. If they cannot help you with introductions or treatment of dogs, ask if someone else can help you. If not, I recommend that you go somewhere else to take.

What is the character of a potential family member?

If possible, take a potential new family member to meet dogs, cats, children, and other adults. See how your dog acts on a leash. Observing your dog's overall comfort level in public places can help you know if that dog will enjoy and safely do what you plan to share together. One caveat, the dog's temperament test: it can change your mind as soon as he is at home and feels more comfortable.

Many rescued dogs come with multiple behavioral or physical problems that can be easily overcome. Dogs in need of new homes have disabilities such as blindness or deafness, or chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid problems. Caring for a pet with special needs is often not as difficult as it sounds. Disabled dogs often surprise their people with how resilient they are, adaptable, and a calm-tempered dog can become your family's best friend. Pets with special needs can teach us a lot about compassion, acceptance and perseverance.

The best dog for an apartment, a little exam

To take the test on how to choose a dog for an apartment or house that lacks social skills, plan to help this dog become more comfortable in our human world. The test result can be based on your commands and of course reward the desired behavior so that your dog develops good manners.

All dogs must be socialized throughout their lives to become and remain calm and comfortable in a variety of situations. Even if you are not a very social person, you should help your dog trust some other people, as the more social the dog is, the safer the dog will be in our human world. Most bites occur when the dog is afraid.

With a great dog's relationship with its owner, you will find the foundation of trust. You can help yourself and your pet, dog character test for great success as a member of your family for life.